Welcome, this may truly be the time for us to collectively 'MARK A PAUSE'.  As humans, we were never provided with a trail guide to help us cope and navigate through the plethora of changes  and uncertainty which appears to be unfolding on a daily basis. The pandemic of COVID-19, protests against racial and global injustice, and the economic downturn has changed and reorganized our lives. How we proceed will depend on skill sets to effectively make informed change through tenets of mindfulness including: elevating self- awareness, composure, and compassion. 

If you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner regardless of your lineage of practice. I welcome you with a full heart to the Mindflower Project. My name is Joe Arellano, owner and Director. As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher trained through my teacher Tim Burnett's Mindfulness Northwest program based in Bellingham, WA. I have witnessed the blossoming of growth in Mindfulness based meditation. Above the chaos, there is a shift in the way many of us are responding to the 'New Normal' of life and Mindfulness is an inward path towards that direction.  Currently, I am offering virtual programs in mindfulness meditation and trainings using the Zoom virtual format. For you new to Mindfulness, allow me to offer this brief description of the Mindfulness concept from a western viewpoint.

Mindfulness is an emerging trend in the world of contemporary stress reduction. It's strongest articulations began with the Buddha over 2600 years ago, and has now entered the lexicon of our mainstream western culture. Mindfulness is a pathway towards raising conscious and intentional awareness with elements of compassion, allowing the practitioner to be truly present thereby accepting both the joys and the sorrows of this human life. We begin to build the muscle of mindfulness and presence through meditative and contemplative practices. 

Please peer over my upcoming offerings as I will be updating this site with new events helping you cope through these global changes. Thank you.


Joe Arellano

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