Welcome, this may truly be the time for us to collectively 'MARK A PAUSE'.  As humans, we are navigating uncharted waters of uncertainty. The good news is that it's quite possible to wisely steer through the turbulence of anxiety and stress which seems to pervade our daily lives. 

Evidence based studies are revealing the shifts and changes that lead to a balanced life by developing a personal practice established in Mindfulness and meditation.These ancient practices can offer the necessary skill sets to help us cope in a modern complex world.

Mindfulness-based meditation allows the strengthening of present minded awareness to guide us in making better informed decisions around our coping. To discover that it is possible to be present with a settled mind in the midst of tumult is not only life affirming but personally transformative. 

If you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner regardless of your lineage of practice. I welcome you with a full heart to the Mindflower Project. My name is Joe Arellano, Director and lead Teacher.

As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher trained through my teacher Tim Burnett's Mindfulness Northwest program based in Bellingham, WA. I have witnessed the blossoming of growth in Mindfulness based meditation. Above the chaos, there is a shift in the way many of us are responding to the 'New Normal' of life and Mindfulness is an inward path towards that direction.  

Currently, I am offering programs in mindfulness meditation and trainings using the Zoom virtual format.The Mindflower Project offers introductory training classes, retreats and meditation circles allowing participants to grow slow and feel supported on their personal journey toward a greater inner-life. So maybe it's time to be curious? .

Please peer over my upcoming offerings as I will be updating this site with new events and classes.If you have any questions the welcome mat is always out for you! Thank you.

In Gratitude,

Joe Arellano

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